Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angels' Game!

A little before the game was supposed to start, I got a call from the friends I was going with and long story short, I ended up driving myself to Edison Field, hitting every single red light and hitting traffic on all three freeways it took to get there. And I got lost. Parked amidst a bunch of sketchy drunk tailgaters and booked it across the street.. by myself. The game itself was enjoyable, an interesting mix of fans and non-fans and just baseball-pathetic. And right as we were losing hope about seeing ANY action at all... there was a home run. From the other team. Grr. Left after the most amusing kiss-cam I've seen in all my years of the game. A little old man doing a fist pump before kissing his wife. A couple flat out giving the camera a not amused face. A girl looking away and the boy pulling her close. An awkward couple looking at each other only to have the man lean over his daughter to kiss his wife. It's cute.
Seeing as I parked it a sketchy area, sports fans are known to be rowdy and the fact that I am all by myself (cue Celine Dion song) I asked my friend to drive me to my car. Little did we know it would take the better part of half an hour to actually reach my car, with all the roadblocks for traffic control being set up. However, we did get to see the Disneyland fireworks and watch the halo light up, meaning, we won!  At long last we kind of found where I parked, I got out at the stop sign and booked it to my car and back home, all the while feeling very unsafe. 
And now I'm back.
With a large handful of free Jack in the Box pancake coupons
and an Angels gnome bobblehead.
I have a midterm tomorrow. I guess I should study or something? 
Until next time.... if anyone reads this anyway.

bio blog #2

I just took the sample midterm. Out of all the non-green-plant questions, I got 90% of them right! I just have about 60 pages left to read about protists and green plants and I need to study the lineages of bacteria, archaea, protists and green plants but other than that... I'm doing a much better job buckling down and seriously cracking open my book before the night before my midterm which is just so rare for me. It honestly is not something that happens often.
Also I was on time for class today.
We learned about mushrooms.
I'm a little terrified of mushrooms.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Last Friday I took a trip down to San Diego with one of my current roommates to visit an old friends. She's from San Diego, so she dropped me off on the UCSD campus so I could catch up with some of my old high school friends while she reconnected with hers. It was a truly lovely day. I've known my other roommates a lot longer so it was nice sitting in traffic for a couple hours talking to her. And the weather was a little overcast, a little somber but the warmth of the company quickly took the edge of that. Of course no trip would be truly complete without food. The roomie and I went to Lolita's for carne asada, splitting paths with the high school friends who went to the famed Phil's BBQ, a venture I will save for my next trip down. The night ended with roomie taking me to a couple hilltops to gaze over the suburban San Diego skyline-- pretty breathtaking, a nice middle ground between the glittering city lights from Griffith Observatory and the kind of dinky Irvine lights seen from Suicide Hill. Before heading back to Irvine that night, we stopped for some strawberry boba and ran into some college friends!
I'm going to try to update this more. Be more of a blogger than a reblogger.
But then again, I do say this every time I'm locked out of Tumblr and should be studying. I really do.

bio blog #1

Chapter 1: Biology and the Tree of Life
- Biological sciences are based on
1) cell theory (the theory that all cells come from pre-existing cells and all organisms are made of cells)
2) the theory of evolution by natural selection, that heritable traits eventually affect populations because some of them produce more offspring with more success
because all cells are made from pre-existing cells, we are all related from a common ancestor
- phylogenetic tree is a graphical representation of the evolutionary species among species and each tip of the phylogenetic tree is a species and each little triangle thing is a monophyletic group (aka a cale or a lineage) these relationships are dissected by looking at similarities and differences between traits and species in these cales. closely related species are placed closer together on the tree
scientists look at rRNA of different species to decide how similar/closely related they are to each other.
- biologists ask questions and generate hypotheses and such to try to explain then. pattern/process (see a pattern in nature, process explains the pattern)

"For you, I will"

I used to think that Teddy Geiger song was the most romantic thing in the world. As a princess, what could be better than someone who would do anything? And just like that, if you guys have read/watched The Princess Bride, you'll recall the part about Westley insisting that with every "As you wish" he uttered to Buttercup was embedded an "I love you."
So apparently love is about sacrifice. Self sacrifice. But I can't expect a guy to lay it all down for me when I won't reciprocate. Just as important as it is to love yourself before you can ask for love, you must first be willing to give yourself up in hopes one day, someone will put it all on the line for you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

it's everything i can do right now to not break down and cry
not because i have to kick butt on my chem final to get that A i don't deserve (this is because i forget online homework is real homework and frequently sleep through deadlines)

no. i can barely keep it together because it's the beginning of the end. people are stopping by my room, waking me up sometimes, telling me they're leaving. goodbyes all around. i can't... i can't handle this. i'm such an emotional and sentimental person this is incredibly distracting from the final i have in about 16 hours. and i've only begun studying.
i'm going to miss you guys so so so much. i know we'll see each other again but.. it isn't the same.