Friday, February 5, 2010


Months and months ago, I hoped and hoped for gov to make nationals. Because that means that it was right. And you can go, aww, don't say that, but that's what I needed to let go of any :/ kind of feelings that I've been feeling. And now that they made nationals, I'm so happy. Because there's no what-if's. I mean, there still is because I'm sure I would have been good too, but the fact is that, they're amazing without me and I needed to know that. So today is closure.. I'm happy and I can finally let go. I'm just a teensy bit bitter that I probably won't get to hang out with my friends for a while because they're going to be intensely studying for nationals, but now all I'm going to do is cheer them on with everything I've got. Because they've worked so hard lately and they deserve it. So that's my little deal of the day.
Oh, and SC's? I think there are two right now. It's fun. Except one I see every day and the other I rarely rarely see.

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  1. i completely get what you're saying by "getting closure". i really do. that's the same why i get closure, which is really really horrible for me (and you). but i'm glad you've mostly accepted it.

    But with or without gov team, you're going to be great no matter what. Don't spend any more time fantasizing about the what-ifs and how things would've been different. Because in the end, you'll realize you've missing out on what's happening and have passed up many opportunities.

    Oh, and you can always spend time with me :) :) :) or studying entrepanuership or whatever it's called LOL