Saturday, June 19, 2010


i did more driving, mostly turning around and around
no more popped blood vessel which is good
went to the bank to deposit money then went to the vs semi annual sale, got good deals
then went to dance class
and home to watch sytycd


this is a result of driving
ahaha it's no big deal, i just got really stressed and i guess a blood vessel popped. the only thing is that it looks disgusting, but it doesn't hurt or anything. later that day i went to ikea with my mom.

day one, i made these
prior to this i had lunch with an old friend
went to walmart and got crafty and bought materials for healthy eating and marshmallows

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


an unhappy family outing to the beach
cannot believe i missed alex's campaign thing for the general clusterfuck of uncomfortable and anger that are most family outings.
why can't it be like the show? i love family outing, season one with hyori and daesung >
anyway. for the sake of chronicling summer.


Woke up very, very grudgingly to go to dance class, but mostly because I was terrified of Ailsa's wrath. She's scary! Joyce called, offered to drive me which was nice because walking, albeit the fact that it's only a 10 minute walk, was more than my mind could handle. I mean, I got about.. 4 hours of sleep? Went there, signed up for a card anticipating Tiffany to want to split the card with me. Heheheh it was my first Saturday class. I like the instructor better, we did like the funny walking thing and a more fluid iso routine and rolls and king tut! Lalala did da dansing, saw Colin, when the ones who went to Saturday classes before went over "Apologize" except I never learned it so after a bit, I dropped out and he was like don't give up! Which is a nice thing to say but yeah. Joyce then took me home and I showered really fast to get to Vicki's recital.
Except.. my mother like vanished! ): And so I could not go and I still haven't found a way to tell her that I could not and I really, really wish I could have seen her play piano. Darnsies. So I stayed at home and ktfo'd while my brother came home with his obnoxious friends. Bleh! Then the mother came home way late and we made lists of things to buy and places to go before the summer ended. Then went to the grandmother's for dinner. Afterwards, the mother and I hit up the Griffith Park Observatory for some pretty sweet city lights.

Oh, summer.

So this is summer so far. My first summer of freedom-- and my last. The years before were in preparation to getting to this point, the years after will be filled with work, internships, a career. Hopefully the future will be enjoyable but for now, I get to enjoy these lazy days of nothing. Of course, lazy days of nothing are instantly better with a car. I hope I get my license soon. I need to be better at braking/ noticing stop signs. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day, another chance and maybe the mother figure will allow me to drive her once in a while. Ah, wishful thinking.
My lower back hurts. Probably from the hours lying stomach-down on my bed playing Robot Unicorn Attack. I can't be doing this in college... So I've been missing the no holds barred style of blogging I used to do. You know, drawn out, detailed posts about how my day went. So here goes from Grad Night? Or summer's start.
Grad Night was alright. I didn't have particularly high expectations so they weren't disappointed. THe majority of the night was spent with people I thoroughly adore. I had In N Out pretty much the moment the truck opened for the night. The lemon bars were so so so good. The strawberries too! I think they were supposed to be dipped in chocolate but I opted not to and I was amazed. Michelle and I chatted with Jerry and Stanley for a while over coffee before they left us. Um, won a Cue gift card somewhat illicitly, but I'm not complaining! Also Starbucks giftcards were given in the goodie bags at the end. However, I cannot find my wallet. I wish I knew how to gamble, though, I think that would have been fun. The obstacle course was also quite fun but I am embarrassed to have lost to TDawg. I also brought home a couple tattoos to be used at my own leisure. The friends left a little early, I did some of that dancing stuff and it was a little surreal to think that this might be the last time I see some of these people. AGH i'm tired. I will post some other time.