Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, summer.

So this is summer so far. My first summer of freedom-- and my last. The years before were in preparation to getting to this point, the years after will be filled with work, internships, a career. Hopefully the future will be enjoyable but for now, I get to enjoy these lazy days of nothing. Of course, lazy days of nothing are instantly better with a car. I hope I get my license soon. I need to be better at braking/ noticing stop signs. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day, another chance and maybe the mother figure will allow me to drive her once in a while. Ah, wishful thinking.
My lower back hurts. Probably from the hours lying stomach-down on my bed playing Robot Unicorn Attack. I can't be doing this in college... So I've been missing the no holds barred style of blogging I used to do. You know, drawn out, detailed posts about how my day went. So here goes from Grad Night? Or summer's start.
Grad Night was alright. I didn't have particularly high expectations so they weren't disappointed. THe majority of the night was spent with people I thoroughly adore. I had In N Out pretty much the moment the truck opened for the night. The lemon bars were so so so good. The strawberries too! I think they were supposed to be dipped in chocolate but I opted not to and I was amazed. Michelle and I chatted with Jerry and Stanley for a while over coffee before they left us. Um, won a Cue gift card somewhat illicitly, but I'm not complaining! Also Starbucks giftcards were given in the goodie bags at the end. However, I cannot find my wallet. I wish I knew how to gamble, though, I think that would have been fun. The obstacle course was also quite fun but I am embarrassed to have lost to TDawg. I also brought home a couple tattoos to be used at my own leisure. The friends left a little early, I did some of that dancing stuff and it was a little surreal to think that this might be the last time I see some of these people. AGH i'm tired. I will post some other time.

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