Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm starting to pack up because I need to rearrange my furniture before my roommate leaves. Mostly so she can help me.
And that's when it hit me.
For the next four years, at least, I'm going to be moving in and out somewhere different each time.
It was hard to leave home. It's even harder to leave Lorien 204 because I know that I will never again sleep in this bed when I move out. This place houses so many memories.
But what about next year, a whole year of "living on my own" with three of my closest friends + my big? A whole year of a different kind of memories I'll be boxing up.
And if things go well, the year after that I'll be saying goodbye after living in the sorority house.
And if things go as planned, the year after that I'll be holding back tears saying goodbye to my residents when I become an RA. I'll be holding back tears as I say goodbye to UCI, the place that has shaped me and molded me and given me so many amazing memories.
Moving in and out is an emotional process. We're no longer the nomads we once were and I don't think we're designed to handle this kind of change, at least not this often. This is my first move out. There will be at least three more after this, each special after a meaningful year I would never replace or forget.
This is so sad. Incredibly sad.
But there's no time to dwell on that.
Here's to memories in these places I inhabit.
Here's to the amazing people I inhabit these spaces with.
Here's to moving in, moving out and moving on.

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