Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Friday I took a trip down to San Diego with one of my current roommates to visit an old friends. She's from San Diego, so she dropped me off on the UCSD campus so I could catch up with some of my old high school friends while she reconnected with hers. It was a truly lovely day. I've known my other roommates a lot longer so it was nice sitting in traffic for a couple hours talking to her. And the weather was a little overcast, a little somber but the warmth of the company quickly took the edge of that. Of course no trip would be truly complete without food. The roomie and I went to Lolita's for carne asada, splitting paths with the high school friends who went to the famed Phil's BBQ, a venture I will save for my next trip down. The night ended with roomie taking me to a couple hilltops to gaze over the suburban San Diego skyline-- pretty breathtaking, a nice middle ground between the glittering city lights from Griffith Observatory and the kind of dinky Irvine lights seen from Suicide Hill. Before heading back to Irvine that night, we stopped for some strawberry boba and ran into some college friends!
I'm going to try to update this more. Be more of a blogger than a reblogger.
But then again, I do say this every time I'm locked out of Tumblr and should be studying. I really do.

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