Monday, January 4, 2010

the first few

hi guys! ok. i blog too much. i really do. i have a xanga that i haven't abandoned, but i have had for 4 years but i have used for more than 6. wow. and there's tumblr, 3rd year there but it's become a little stifling. i don't know. so here i am, constantly migrating. a real blog! as opposed to a more social type of thing. anyway.
i actually migrated from wordpress. because i got confused. i should probably go clean that up.
mm. i really do wonder if colleges hunt you down on the internet because i've left a blazing trail. but then again, i have nothing to hide. i'm a pretty straight edge. not to be confused with boring. or maybe a little? i hope not.
quickies about me. my name is tiffany. i'm 17. applying to college and waiting for march/april. i like life and narwhals and idk. i hope this is fun
new year, new blog, new adventure.

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