Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A List of Things

I saw this dog at the Golden Gate Bridge, it looks like my friend's dog, Keleguo, except Keleguo is kind of a lot cuter. With college apps taking up most of my life and free time in the past 5 months, I've made many, many lists of things to do with my newfound freedom. Except, my calculus grade still really stinks so I'm going to have to hold off on that. And after first semester ends, percussion indoor season starts up, so I won't have that much free time either! Oh no. But here goes.
1. Learn how to cook. From easy things that will keep me going next year and the rest of my life to things that might actually impress people and not food poison anybody.
2. This kind of falls under the first one, but I want to be a good baker. Peppermint patty brownies sound like a good idea. And cupcakes, always cupcakes. And I will learn how to frost/ice better.
3. Get serious-er with photography and steal my dad's pretty SLR more often, perhaps. If time like.. allows. I don't know. Maybe not.
4. College dinner bet dinners! I hope nobody forgot about this. Here's how it goes down: each person picks their top two schools. If you get in, you buy everyone participating dinner. But you only have to pay once and nobody can have overlapping schools. If nobody gets in to any of the schools, we're going to just go out and eat.. sadly.. and pay for ourselves.
5. Train adventure! Which basically is getting off anywhere that looks safe/ interesting.
6. SPRING BREAK ROAD TRIP. I really hope this happens and that we get to go alllll the way up the coast to Washington and Seattle and maybe stop by Puget Sound for Amanda and Reed on the way, but I don't know if a week is long enough for that, but I really hope this happens.
7. Watch lots and lots of dramas
8. Spend time with people I haven't spent too much time with lately
9. Graduate!
Mm, I know I had more, but I'll update this as I think of more.

Today I didn't go to school. I am sick. With senoritis. The "Asian strain" which isn't staying at home lazing around or going out and hanging out with similarly afflicted friends. No. The Asian strain of senioritis basically means I stayed at home.. and did homework. I have 4 essays for Comparative Government due Thursday and I've barely started. A Beloved quiz, essays, questions, abstracts. Kind of pathetic, but what can I do?

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