Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I don't want to do.

1. Write article. On what, even? I forgot. Actually. I might be into this one-- the mentality behind procrastination. Why we do it. And, as a master procrastinator, I think this article fits me very well. I guess I do want to do this!
2. Write Beloved essay. It's one thing to write an essay. They're usually not too bad unless I procrastinate. But this one is hard because I love my prompt -- water imagery. It's something I could have had so much fun with if only I were free to take the reins with my style and write the way I write. But I can't. It's stifling. It makes it so difficult.
3. Redo all the problems from old calc tests.. Should take like 5 hrs, total :/

I'll be ok.

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