Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soooooooo both my parents are angers at me and being at home is just so awkward. I feel like.. ostracized. Excommunicated. ): I'm not used to being the one who everyone is unhappy with. I'm always "the good one" and it's never lasted so long before. Hmph. Well I guess.. I'm just keeping in mind that I'll be free of this kind of crap forever in like six months. Won't have to deal with my mom's moodiness or crazy menopausal bipolar tendencies ever again.
That is.. if I do get to go to college :X
But last night was goood. Except for a little fmslkdml kind of stuff. And some TT____TT QQing from me who wished I was down there too. Kat and Christine were the G and the U from GUARD and they were like look, tgu, this is for you. <33333 I lost my ticket but the bandmom who fit me for uniforms kind of subtly slipped me in. I LOVE BAND MOMS omgggg <3 Like, most of them treat me like I'm their own kid. Mmmm. Yeah.
Today I must finish my Beloved essay so tomorrow I will revise revise revise and make it wonderful. Sigh, I wish Lucas liked my writing style ): Because I really.. don't have control over it. Haha I guess I'm not good enough to actually be able to put a stopper on it. :/
Mehhhhhhhhhhhh so stressed, man.

Hm. Random things from secondsemester transferred english freshman year. I think the people in Diaz's class were just insane. Innn a good way. In that I still talk to many of them. But anyway, Band 3 auditions were coming up and Leandro was like practicing his fingering and Tuff and I were talking.. about guard? And we were like somethingsomething flagbag! And Leandro was like oh hey I can play that. Oh wait, I can only play fagbag. And some other time, he was like why is it called a piccolo, shouldn't it be called a picco-high? Kekeke goodtimesss.

Painted my nails with my own franken. I think it looks nice. Next NO5D will be matte'd awaken, I think. Jk idk. But yeah
3. email jackie DI rosterrrrrrr
4. clean room a bit
5. hmmm

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