Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Prefer Not To.

Note to self, Ray and Susanna introduced themselves to me the other day, so I have to remember not to engage in awkward Too Late Theory behavior.
Anyway. I guess since apps are in, senioritis has hit me pretty hard, as I'm taking another half day off. I have to go to calculus though because integrals are confusing! I'm doing better, I promise. I talked to Wilson last night because he gets jealous that I always talk to Edwin. jkjkjk. I guess lately I've accepted this failure, and most of my friends know about this crappy predicament I'm in, and sometimes I think about like, how qualified I really am to go to most of the schools that I'm applying to. I don't take thaat many AP's, but I think I take more than the average kid. I don't have the most stunning extracurriculars, but I don't sit around at home and do nothing all the time. I have a life, kind of. I'm not stupid, but I'm not incredibly smart either. But either way, calc grade is unacceptable. Hah. Pun. I guess that wasn't very funny because I've worked pretty hard these past years and I don't want it all to be for naught.

Definitely in a K-Pop mood. In addition to downloading the mainstream stuff (hello, Hyunah's new song, her voice isn't as annoying as it was in Hot Issue) I guess I'm.. backtracking? Not really, but I downloaded a couple of Brian Joo from FTTS songs, and they're goood. I guess.. more, like, legit music as opposed to just new stuff from my favorites. And I discovered that I like Hwanhee too, so I wonder if that means I would have liked FTTS... I'll find out, later. And ah, Luna! I heaard You are My Destiny for the first time yesterday and ohmygoodness, I love her so much <3>( and everything just seems so pointless. New schedules in a few weeks, but I doubt mine is going to get any better. Or more interesting.
Alright. Time to identify problems of the EU and make some antiderivative magic. It has been 7 days since I've done my nails. That is a testament to how busy I am.

Last thing: words can't describe how much I am indebted to Wikpedia. That is all.

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