Friday, January 15, 2010


1. WRITE AN AMAZING BELOVED ESSAY. some rather asfkmldfmwklecrap happened today and i need to prove that i'm a good writer. that this style is definitely my own and i own it. bring it!
2. CALC STUDY CALC STUDYYY. study group, anyone? if anyone even reads this. gahhhhh. need to do well!
3. paint nails! just because
4. spaghetti dinner tmrw <333
5. going to clean room for like the millionth time because second law of thermodynamics states that nature tends towards entropy and you have to put work in in order to keep it clean
6. practice notes on the piano
7. goal is to learn kh music on piano second semesss
8. relax a little because ms galloway said i looked like i needed it (i do D:)

Hm. I was going to rant and rave about today. Today was not a good day. Actually, today would have been such a nice day if it weren't for damn essssayyyyy. Oh and waking up too early for calc test but i didn't do so badly so I guess it was worth it! And I thought this was going to be my drop test...
Idk lots of amusing things happened today and I would have counted today as a good day! If it were fufdsklmfsklekmls. Ok.
123 time
2. got 10% better than normally do on calc test! still pretty bad but hugeass improvement is ok
3. kekeke got to lop out of 4th for a bit because of counselors & watched amusing flyswatter/jenga game <3 miss it so muchhhh
4. jane flo and ro helped me learn notes a bit during lunchh <3 and comforted me keke whoress <3 showerr4l man.
5. ms gallowayyy gave me a hug and i felt lots better. she's kind of amazing
6. sflkms holycrap i always really admired coleen but now my admiration for her has just like escalated soo much
7. walking out of percussion today, flo was like hey tgu don't worry, you'll be the next lady gugu. IDK that was so amusinggg.
8. shoppinggg at pavillion's today for powwow kekee. got soo much food! <3 and a tub of mangoes for myself that were out of season but still mangoes.
9. heh. yeah (:

sfdksklafkmslALKDSMSKML my momm forgot to mail my supp today ughhhhhhhhhhhh. so idk. i guess i will do it tmrw. or go out later. eff.

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