Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm pretty sure you don't use as many exclamation points with other people as you do with me. What a nice swift transition from one-word responses. You're just another one of many people I'm so glad to have met in the APEng//honors system.
What I like about gov is that it's the only class I'm in right now that retains the same sort of cameraderie that we had last year in Lee, the complete willingness to help out your fellow man no matter if you actually really knew him. It was so nice, like a community. And while the pasquagov kids are far, far from a loving warm community like the Lee one... the people that I do associate myself with, I'm so glad for them. Swapping blogs, making sure we all have everything for our notebook, it's nostalgia.
It's so easy to feel lonely senior year. You don't see all your friends anymore, the ones that were so given to see pretty much every day. You only see the people in your classes and the people you go off with, basically. I'm lucky to have H6 as like.. a connection to most of my friends, though. Senior year is full of broken promises. Promises to try hard, promises to keep up the good work, promises to maintain friendships and hang out. And I'm not proud to say that I've broken.. quite a few promises this year. But I hope I'll get to make amends in the new semester, calculus-free.

This weekends will be devoted entirely to calculus. With a brief break to go to spaghetti dinner, of course <3 9pm, senior drilldown's where it's at. I'm sad that I can't be down there, but I'll be there for my fellow Marching Elites of 2010. Also. Hopefully trying to find a study group, I wonder who would be down for that. Probably nobody because apparently calc is easy to everyone but meeee

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